About Us

Single Thread Theatre Company is a young, energetic and disciplined theatrical collective that has refined its artistic vision over the past nine years. It has produced site-specific theatre for the Art Gallery of Ontario, Fort York, the Toronto First Post Office, the Campbell House Museum and Spadina Historic House and Gardens, among many others.

Early years

Phil Borg, Jay Collins and Michael Backs in 'Julius Caesar' at Chernoff Hall

Single Thread Theatre Company was founded in 2003 by students at Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) The mandate of the company was originally to produce semi-professional theatre using Canadian and classical content. The company mounted four productions in its first year: Zastrozzi: Master of Discipline, Waiting for Godot, Lysistrata and Julius Caesar. The production of Julius Caesar  in Chernoff Hall, a state of the art chemistry building, was of critical importance in the company’s development as it marked Single Thread’s first use of “found space”.

In its second season, Single Thread produced Othello, Metamorphoses and The Last Five Years. Othello was staged as a found-space show before the enormous stained glass windows of Douglas Library in Kingston.

The Found-Space Theatre Company

Single Thread’s third and fourth seasons saw a total commitment to the use of found-space that had proved so engaging and successful in previous productions. Productions of Fen, Henry V, Everyman, Famine and A Dream Play were all devised as found-space productions with both Fen and Henry V being produced outdoors. Everyman pushed the boundaries of found space to its furthest extent, occurring in a labyrinth that was constructed in the basement of an Anglican cathedral.

Single Thread in Toronto

Carys Lewis and Fraser Elsdon in 'Artists and the Theatre' at the Art Gallery of Ontario In 2010, the company premiered Artists and the Theatre at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Single Thread followed up on the success of this production with an AGO collaboration for Canada Culture Days – a large scale outdoor performance featuring twenty actors (ROME). In the fall of 2011, the company produced Much Ado About Nothing as a walking tour of the Spadina Museum Historic House and Gardens. In March of 2012 the company produced The Campbell House Story, an original work created for the Campbell House Museum in partnership with the Sir William Campbell Foundation.


'The Loyalists' will open in June 2012 in partnership with Fort York In February 2012, Single Thread Theatre Company was chosen as the resident emerging artist company at Canadian Stage (GYM).

In June 2012, Single Thread partnered with Fort York to produce a large-scale commemoration of the War of 1812 called The Loyalists. That autumn, Single Thread worked with the plays of Ned Dickens, Judith Thompson, Alex Dault, Michael Payne and Jill Connell in a site-specific project with the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.

In 2014, Single Thread will continue to workshop and produce innovative site-specific work, including The Mackenzie House Story, the recipient of a Toronto Arts Council Theatre Project Grant, at Mackenzie House Museum; and a set of creation projects designed for Ontario communities outside the GTA.

Over the last nine years, Single Thread has evolved into a team of artists with a clear vision for found-space theatre in Toronto. It is Single Thread Theatre Company’s intention to tell the stories of Canadian spaces using originally devised work based on the stories of those spaces.